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Hi! I'm Brad Farris, Founder of EnMast. EnMast is a small business community of business owners committed to being better leaders and growing better businesses.
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EnMast is a Small Business Owner Community.


You know how Norm felt when he walked into the bar on Cheers? Or how the characters on Friends felt at Central Perk? Well, that's what EnMast is for business owners -- a place where you can find a community and the tools & help you need to grow your business. But these people won't just cry in your coffee with you. No, they'll help you get more from your business, find success and have fun. Curious?


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7 Out of the Box Interview Activities

Sometimes, the standard interview just questions don’t cut it when you’re hiring. Even after asking out of the box interview questions, you may need some more exercises that help you pinpoint the most ideal people for your business’s open roles. If you’re in that spot, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered seven out

Tips on Improving Focus So You Can Achieve Your Goals

Some people are fans of sticky notes. Others love cloud-based tools like Evernote. Some keep ‘em stored in their brains. Regardless of where you keep your list of goals, you have to take steps forward if you want to actually achieve them. That means improving focus and zeroing in on those goals—intentionally. Not passively. Not

Ultimate List of Reasons NOT to Grow Your Business

You may have read that title and thought…wait, why wouldn’t someone want to grow their business? Growth is good, right? It is—but that doesn’t mean it’s necessary for everyone. Before pursuing growth, you have to really think about everything that goes into it and then ask yourself, “Am I ready for this, or should I

It’s not just business. It’s personal, too.

We do business with people (people that we know, like and trust). We spend time building strong relationships with co-workers and other partners. We want them to share in a common purpose and values. We hire for “fit”. We spend time and money on “team building” activities to develop relationships in order to make our

Essential Phrases for Your Next New Business Meeting

When you go to meet with a new client, you need to have a list of objectives to accomplish during that meeting. A plan, if you will. Why? Because it’s just so easy to fall into the trap of casual conversation for an hour or two—only to find that at the end of your time