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Cube vs. Corner: Are emojis appropriate to use in business?

using emojis in business

Cube vs. Corner is a series that explores a different workplace topics where Devan and Brad respond with their unfiltered, honest thoughts from their side of the office: the employee and the boss. Do you use emojis? Most of us probably have when texting, or at least been the recipient of them before. Have you

5 hottest small business articles | March 2014

coffee at the office

This month we focused on getting things finished. This topic seemed to really hit home for many of you! So many of us are Starters. We like to “Start” new things, new projects, etc. But we don’t finish as many of them as we start. Brad talks more about that here. Also, don’t forget to download

6 weird things that will improve your productivity

add more yellow to your office

We’ve all heard the normal tips and tricks for making ourselves and others more productive. They’re all about staying focused, being dedicated, and just putting your head down and hammering things out. But what about the weirder tips for improving productivity? What about the things that maybe seem quirky, but truly boost efficiency? We’ve come

Would you ever go back to a regular job? See why some business owners said yes

regular job

Have you ever considered giving up your business for a “regular” job? With all markets, there are ups and downs. Slow times are inevitable, and when they creep up, you may start to question the path of being a business owner. We all do it. Questions like, “Would a ‘regular’ full-time job provide more security?”

Tired means sleep, not more coffee

coffee at work

I quit caffeine. I’m from the “Coffee Achiever” generation and the truth is, I love the stuff. There’s nothing like the aroma and rich flavor of a good cup of coffee. In fact I’m drinking one right now while I’m writing this — it’s warm, and relaxing! The other great thing about coffee is caffeine!

Top 5 small business articles in February | 2014

business soul

Spring is just around the corner! If you’ve had weather that’s anything like what we’ve had in Chicago this year (the coldest winter in 143 years!), I bet you too, can’t wait for it! This month we focused on feedback. We talk alot about how to ask for and use feedback to impact how we run

24 business books business owners are reading in 2014

business books for business owners

A good book can change your perspective, polish your skills, or completely alter the way you approach life. If it’s really good, you’ll be better because of it. Reading helps us sharpen our minds and is a great way to keep learning and expanding our creative capabilities even after traditional education ends. For business owners,

5 business podcasts you need to check out

ep 8 Square Podcast Art

Besides hosting their own business podcast, Jill and Brad have a few other podcasts that they listen to on a regular basis and love. In episode 8 of Breaking Down Your Business, they share their top 5 business podcasts and what you’ll get out of ‘em. They also bring on guests Marty Vernon of EDUCO (and one

Top 5 small business articles in January | 2014

the cost of stress on business

Hope your 2014 is off to a great start with new goals, new plans, projects and resolutions. (Bonus points if you have already made progress on those!) We’ve also had a busy start to our year. Our new podcast, Breaking Down Your Business, made it onto the New & Notable list at iTunes! We’ve launched our

The staggering cost of stress on your business [Infographic]

The Cost of Stress on Business large

Everyone knows that stress is not good for you. But what if I told you it’s not good for your business, too? When we’re stressed out, our body sends out stress hormones through our body, one of them being cortisol. Those hormones affect our brain function, and more specifically our memory. And when there’s too much

Top 10 music picks to play at work (and boost productivity)

ep 5 Square Podcast Art

If you work out, you probably have a workout playlist — a bunch of songs that get you pumped up so you can power through. At work, we’ve got playlists like that, too. Brad and Jill talk about their favorite music picks to listen to at work when they have a ton of work to

4 small businesses using YouTube creatively (and successfully)


There was a time, not too long ago, when a popular ad campaign (i.e. TV) required not only a big budget, but a whole lot of media buying savvy as well. This meant that if you were a small business, you had pretty much two options: You could be a hammer… Or you could be