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5 common IT mistakes small business owners make

common IT mistakes

Equipping your business with the proper IT tools and solutions right from the get-go can make all the difference to get your business processes running smoothly and efficiently. Nowadays, there are very affordable solutions out there, allowing SMEs to be equipped with the best software systems.

5 of my best productivity tools (that will also change your life)

Writedown app

THUNK. THUNK. THUNK. That was the sound of me banging my head against the desk before I started using these tools. Do you ever feel that way? Like you’re constantly working, but never really getting ahead? For a long time, I struggled with managing my productivity because I was always

What is #ICON14? Day One highlights from Infusionsoft’s small business conference

Infusionsoft ICON14 Conference

(Read highlights from Day Two here.) It's hard to find a company that "gets" small business owners. Most big companies create products and services that they think small business owners want; but we know, when we see them, that they aren't for us. Even as they are selling to me, I feel like they

Why business owners need to turn off their tech

Ep 14 Square Podcast Art

Most of us business owners are work-a-holics. We work all the time. And technology has enabled us to do so even more than before. We now can check email at the pool with our family, do work on the plane via wifi, etc. Being totally unplugged from work seems impossible. Jill and Brad talk about

Parallax websites bring new dimension to website design


When people visit your website, they need to know the basics: who you are, what you do and how to contact you. But if you want to go beyond the minimum requirements of website best practices, then you need to show that you are unique, interesting and ahead of the curve. You want to be the “cool

How to get more out of your landing pages


Artists like El Greco (pictured) were known for creating art with invisible directional cues that caused the viewer's eye to move through the piece. Your landing page should work in the same way. It should be informative, seamlessly direct the audience to the information they want, and offer

Our top small business software, apps, tech gadgets, and more to improve productivity


For all you productivity-hungry business owners, we've compiled our top productivity/tech posts filled with our favorite software, gadgets, apps and for small business. If you are looking to use technology to get more done while you are on the go or in the office -- these posts are for

Drafts: The iPhone productivity app you didn’t know you needed


Back before smartphones, my best productivity tool was a “Hipster PDA” (otherwise known as a stack of 3x5 cards held together with a binder clip). The idea with the Hipster PDA was that you always had someplace to “capture” to-do items. When you thought of an idea, task, or other random piece of

Must-have office tech upgrades


It's amazing how technologically advanced our businesses have become. Who would have thought 10 years ago that the classic desk phone and desktop computer would become almost obsolete? We have the tools to become more productive and efficient than ever -- and every year, they get better and better.

Digital etiquette: ‘What is wanted?’


Mobile technology has all but thrown etiquette out the door. Mobile phones have become as common at the family dinner table as salt shakers and business people meet face-to-face while simultaneously meeting with dozens of other people by phone and text. It all seems rude to me. Is no one worth

How I use Yahoo Pipes to build a customized content feed


Social media can be a terrific way to demonstrate expertise and personality -- the two things that most professionals need to show the world! When we show expertise, people get the idea that we might have the knowledge and experience to help them. And when we show our personality, we show that

Make sure your social media earns its keep


Social media has come a long way in a short amount of time. But when it was first came on the scene, many business owners jumped aboard just because they thought they should -- not because they had any proof it would work for their businesses. But now we know better. Social media isn't for every