Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is an important part of building a business. Here are our best tools, templates and guides on strategic planning for small business.

Keep on Keepin’ on: How to persevere and get work done


I'm a swimmer. Swimming laps is one of the few forms of exercise that I can sustain on a regular basis. But I have a slight problem with counting laps. I push a way from the wall and I think in my head one. I get to the next wall and I think two. A little while later I'll get to a wall and I won't

How to create a small business strategic plan

strategic planning

Building a strategic plan will help you get a better control over the future of your small business. A strategic plan is taking a step back, look around at what's going on in your business (and externally) so you can focus on a few key parts of your business. Brad Farris breaks strategic planning

What is small business strategic planning?

small business planning

When you first started your business, you probably had a decent idea of how you were going to be spending your time. You probably thought that you'd be spending the majority of your time doing what you love to do. But it turns out that your time is divided up doing a million other things, and you