Learn how to maximize your time and resources so that your business can become more productive (and profitable).

8-Step Guide to Strategic Scheduling


How to plan your time better and get more work done If you are trying to grow your business, you need to be strategic about how you spend your time and money! The nature of the small business beast is such that many business owners spend much of their time reacting, and operating in crisis mode.

5 of my best productivity tools (that will also change your life)

Writedown app

THUNK. THUNK. THUNK. That was the sound of me banging my head against the desk before I started using these tools. Do you ever feel that way? Like you’re constantly working, but never really getting ahead? For a long time, I struggled with managing my productivity because I was always

Improve your meetings with these top 5 meeting methods

improve your meetings

Everyone hates sitting in meetings that go on and on, or are completely irrelevant to you. So Brad and Jill tackle top meeting methods that will help improve your meetings so you can waste less time in meetings, and get more of your own work done. They also bring on business owners Tamara

Top 5 productivity killers | with guests Jay Goltz and Howard Tullman

Breaking Down Your Business

We were LIVE on Saturday at TechWeek Chicago! (Special thanks to our Sponsor, Rivet Radio!) We recorded the podcast in front of a live audience and had a blast! Live music and running man from SNL anytime music was playing. It was epic. Jill and Brad talked about their top 5 productivity killers

How to be more productive working solo

be more productive

A lot of us business owners work alone -- we work for ourselves, our team is remote, or we just work a lot alone on the weekends or after hours. Whatever your case is, Jill and Brad have some sweet tips to help you be more productive when you work alone. They also chat with small business owners,

10 Quotes from Great Minds on How to be More Productive at Work

how to be more productive

Ever had one of those mornings where you wake up and think, “I’m going to do all of the things today!” with a plan for how to be more productive at work—only to find that by 11:30, you haven’t accomplished a single thing on your list? It happens…even to those with the best of intentions. So

Project Brief and Delegation Tool

Project Brief Template

How to Delegate Tasks More Effectively How often do you delegate a task to an employee, but they don't complete it the way you wanted them to? Then get frustrated because they did it wrong and end up doing it yourself? (Sound familiar?) When we are defining a project that someone else is going

Does listening to music at work improve productivity? Here’s 8 compelling reasons why it does

music improves productivity

Brad and I wrote a little while back about wearing headphones at the office.  He noticed I was wearing them more often and we had some issues when he would try to get my attention. So we shared about it on LinkedIn, and it generated a storm of comments from people with polar opposite views — either

9 must-have team communication tools for your small business

team communication tools

If you care about how your company communicates, you're probably in constant search for the perfect app for your team. There are lots of good apps out there, and each of them has its benefits and drawbacks. Chances are your team needs a combination of tools, depending on the communication

6 weird things that will accelerate productivity improvement

add more yellow to your office

We’ve all heard the normal tips and tricks, productivity tools, etc.,  for productivity improvement. They’re all about staying focused, being dedicated, and just putting your head down and hammering things out. But what about the weirder tips for improving productivity? What about the things that

8 brain hacks to increase productivity

increase productivity at work

I'm not one of those "naturally productive" people -- I'm not even sure if there is such a thing. If I'm a "natural" at anything it's laziness. But I'm also ambitious. I really do want to make a difference -- and to do that I need to get things done. So I've collected a number of "hacks" that work

Office environment matters: 8 things that will increase your office productivity


When you need to focus and really get stuff done, where do you go? Probably your favorite local coffee shop. You know, the one with the quiet corner, open outlets, and the steady stream of caffeine at your fingertips. No interruptions—just a peaceful, conducive working environment where you can get