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How to communicate with your boss (and get what you want)

how to communicate with your boss

So, let’s say you’ve been working for a company for a while, and you really want to find a way to accomplish some new tasks or take on new roles with your position. You’re ambitious, hungry, and ready for a challenge. But that means figuring out how to convince your boss that A) You’re ready

How leaders have the power to make their team feel like heroes

praise at work

Our manufacturing plant was putting a unit out the door every 6 seconds — and every one of them was defective. I was part of a design team that had updated the design of our product to comply with new Federal safety requirements, and while the product was perfectly safe, it just didn’t always work.

Hi, my name is Brad, and I’m an interrupter.


Let’s pretend you and I were having a conversation. You had a point to make, I’m confident you did. But I couldn’t wait to hear it. I interrupted. I was feeling anxious I’d lose the thought in my head (and we know what’s in my head is worth hearing), and so instead of making time

10 things holding you back from building a great team

Every business owner dreams of having a team of dedicated, driven and super smart people working for them. Often, they think if they just hire the right people, it’ll happen. Sure, hiring good people has a bit to do with it, but without a leader cultivating the employees into a team that produces great work

5 great ways to encourage your team

5 great ways to encourage your team

If things are going a little rough in your business, it’s really important to keep moral up. Encouraging and motivating your team is especially important to keep productivity and energy levels up. Jill + Brad talk about the different ways they encourage and motivate their team when things are tough, or to bring in energy

6 Communication failures bosses make

communication fails

Being the boss isn’t an easy job—it’s all about time management, understanding people, and leading the organization into the future. Bosses are our big-picture thinkers. Rather than being stuck in the daily details, they delegate and make sure important tasks are assigned and completed. But to execute that role, communication is essential. Unfortunately, many bosses

How can I be a more effective communicator?

How to be an affective communicator

I wish I could put the thoughts that are inside my head into the heads of other people. Wouldn’t that be great? I see what I want a project deliverable to look like, but my team doesn’t. I see how one of our tools could transform your business, but you don’t. I write, I speak,

Why we need to break rules at work sometimes

breaking rules at work

Our team at Anchor Advisors has gone through a bit of a rough patch lately. One of my employees has been dealing with some bigger health issues recently. She’s missed a lot of work going to the doctors, but I haven’t cut her pay or had her use her PTO hours. Instead, I prayed for

Employee Evaluation: Self Assessment Tool


When it comes time to do employee evaluations, it’s important that not only the supervisor evaluate employee performance, but that employees evaluate their own performance as well. Having the perspective of both people can bring about great revelations, which can lead to employee development, job satisfaction — and great things for your company. Give your

The staggering cost of stress on your business [Infographic]

The Cost of Stress on Business large

Everyone knows that stress is not good for you. But what if I told you it’s not good for your business, too? When we’re stressed out, our body sends out stress hormones through our body, one of them being cortisol. Those hormones affect our brain function, and more specifically our memory. And when there’s too much

How to Keep the Good Ones

how to retain employees

Finding good employees can be a challenge. Not because there aren’t enough qualified candidates out there, there are plenty. However, “paper-qualification” doesn’t necessarily certify that they know how to apply their knowledge, or that they fit into your company. There are various methods to evaluate who’s sitting there in front of you. You can use

How to deal with employee disengagement

how to improve employee engagement

Employees who are are passionate, eager to learn, and full of energy every day are not just a joy to work with, and but they are real assets. I see them in every growing business. Unfortunately, that kind of engaged employee is more and more rare. There are loads of studies showing us that we