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Inbound14 Day One Highlights

Inbound 2014 Day 1

Attempting to write a recap of Inbound 14 Day One highlights seems like an impossible task. There are over 150 speakers (of them, 25 are Best Selling Authors) so there's no way to "be everywhere" at once. I can't possibly bring you a sense of the knowledge bomb going off here. Instead, I'm going to

How to get people to open your emails

increase email open rates

First off, Jill and Brad are taking Breaking Down Your Business LIVE at TechWeek Chicago next week, June 28th at 12pm. WE WANT TO SEE YOU THERE! It's going to be epic with business celebrity guests, Jay Goltz (serial entrepreneur and NY Times writer) and Howard Tullman (another serial entrepreneur

The Ultimate Small Business Pricing Kit:
How to Increase Your Prices Without Losing Clients

how to increase prices

If you want to stop working yourself to the bone, being busy all the time and not making great money, you need this small business pricing kit. This eBook and webinar combo will help you learn how much to charge for your services and how to increase your prices! This Small Business Pricing Kit

Small Business Positioning Statement Tool — “Brad Lib”

small business positioning statement tool

If you're having a hard time positioning your company, you're in the same boat as many small business owners. This simple positioning statement tool for small business will help you develop a positioning statement for your business. It's like a mad-lib, or rather "Brad-lib." Fill the blanks in

Highlights from Day Two at #ICON14


(Get the highlights from ICON14 Day One here.) When your day starts and ends with Casey Graham (a guy whose company has grown 850% in the last 4 years) -- Seth Godin shows up in the middle -- you know it's been a great day. Welcome to day two at ICON14. (Also, check out Infusionsoft's recap

4 small businesses using YouTube creatively (and successfully)


There was a time, not too long ago, when a popular ad campaign (i.e. TV) required not only a big budget, but a whole lot of media buying savvy as well. This meant that if you were a small business, you had pretty much two options: You could be a hammer... Or you could be

The ONLY way to generate leads for your professional services firm

how to generate leads

When you go out shopping for professional services what do you do? How do you find the professional services firm that is right for you? If I'm hiring a service provider it's usually because the task at hand is something I don't know how to do. I need someone who can come in, roll up their

Can’t keep up? 6 awesome small blogging tips for the busy business owner

Glori Surban

Small business owners are busy people. Reason why tasks like blogging may sometimes be put on the back burner, which is unfortunate. But there are ways to simplify small business blogging so that you can actually get to enjoy this effective form of marketing. Photo

9 content marketing tips from #ContentJam 2013

content marketing tips from content jam 2013

The 2nd Annual Content Jam Conference was last week in Chicago. 150 really smart content marketers gathered to hear 18 speakers share their top content marketing tips and tools. Here's what Brad and I saw that got our tails waggin'. SEO: 1. Links Matter I really liked Sean McGinnis'

Content marketing tips: 17 things panhandlers can teach us about content marketing

content marketing tips

I had the opportunity to speak at Content Jam 2013, Chicago's content marketing conference. In my talk, I showed why content marketing is actually a lot like panhandling. Say what? Check out the slides here: 17 things that Panhandlers can teach us about Content Marketing from Brad Farris It

7 Local SEO Tips Your Small Business Can’t Survive Without

local seo tips for small business

Photo credit:  hollykl (Flickr) One of the things I tell anyone who is a small business owner is that, if you have a place of business with an address and a door to enter, then you need local Search Engine Optimization. Many of them will just look at me like I started speaking a foreign language.

My favorite tweets from #Inbound13

inbound 2013

The hashtag #Inbound13 has been trending for 4 days now and it's easy to see why! 5500 Inbound Marketers gathered together in one place listening to some terrific speakers and sharing their own experiences and journeys. It was a wonderful event. (Check out my Day One and Day Two recap.) If you