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4 small businesses using YouTube creatively (and successfully)


There was a time, not too long ago, when a popular ad campaign (i.e. TV) required not only a big budget, but a whole lot of media buying savvy as well. This meant that if you were a small business, you had pretty much two options: You could be a hammer… Or you could be

The ONLY way to generate leads for your professional services firm

how to generate leads

When you go out shopping for professional services what do you do? How do you find the professional services firm that is right for you? If I’m hiring a service provider it’s usually because the task at hand is something I don’t know how to do. I need someone who can come in, roll up

Can’t keep up? 6 awesome small blogging tips for the busy business owner

Glori Surban

Small business owners are busy people. Reason why tasks like blogging may sometimes be put on the back burner, which is unfortunate. But there are ways to simplify small business blogging so that you can actually get to enjoy this effective form of marketing. Photo credit:  bigpresh (Flickr) Check out these 6 small business blogging tips: 1.

9 content marketing tips from #ContentJam 2013

content marketing tips from content jam 2013

The 2nd Annual Content Jam Conference was last week in Chicago. 150 really smart content marketers gathered to hear 18 speakers share their top content marketing tips and tools. Here’s what Brad and I saw that got our tails waggin’. SEO: 1. Links Matter I really liked Sean McGinnis’ presentation on Link Building Strategies that

Content marketing tips: 17 things panhandlers can teach us about content marketing

content marketing tips

I had the opportunity to speak at Content Jam 2013, Chicago’s content marketing conference. In my talk, I showed why content marketing is actually a lot like panhandling. Say what? Check out the slides here: 17 things that Panhandlers can teach us about Content Marketing from Brad Farris It happens to you every day. You walk

7 Local SEO Tips Your Small Business Can’t Survive Without

local seo tips for small business

Photo credit:  hollykl (Flickr) One of the things I tell anyone who is a small business owner is that, if you have a place of business with an address and a door to enter, then you need local Search Engine Optimization. Many of them will just look at me like I started speaking a foreign language.

My favorite tweets from #Inbound13

inbound 2013

The hashtag #Inbound13 has been trending for 4 days now and it’s easy to see why! 5500 Inbound Marketers gathered together in one place listening to some terrific speakers and sharing their own experiences and journeys. It was a wonderful event. (Check out my Day One and Day Two recap.) If you weren’t there you can

What you can learn about marketing from street performers

chicago bucket drummers

Believe it or not, street performers are actually really good at marketing. They know where the places are with the most traffic (target audience), know how to engage them, have a clear call to action — just to name a few! Brad lays out what we can learn to be better at our marketing over

Inbound 2013 Day 2: Brian Solis and Inbound Sales

brian solis

Brad is attending the Inbound Conference in Boston this week. (If you are there, send him a message @blfarris and connect!). He’s giving us his immediate reactions on Twitter, but also filing a daily update with the Big Ideas as well as some juicy nuggets. Brian Solis: The world is changing faster than we can adapt My Big Idea of day two came when Brian

Hubspot announces product enhancements at Inbound 2013: Social Inbox, Content Optimization System and Signals


At Hubspot’s annual user conference (Inbound) they announced sweeping improvements to their software functionality as well as some enhancements that expand their reach – from marketing automation into sales enablement. These announcements were prefaced by comments from HubSpot CEO Dharmesh Shah: “Inbound marketing alone is not enough. The whole experience needs to be focused on

Inbound 2013 Conference: Day One

seth godin

Brad is attending the Inbound Conference in Boston this week. (If you are there send him a message @blfarris and connect.) He’s giving us his immediate reactions on twitter, but also filing a daily update with the Big Ideas as well as some juicy nuggets. Seth Godin: We are all Inbound now – The Epic shift in posture The inimitable Seth Godin

5 awesome marketing automation tools for small business

marketing automation tools

First you built a website, just a place for people to visit to verify that you were legit. Then you started to add content; case studies, white papers, blog posts. Content that helped to demonstrate your expertise to your target market. The best part is, that worked! You started to get more traffic and even