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Keep on Keepin’ on: How to persevere and get work done


I’m a swimmer. Swimming laps is one of the few forms of exercise that I can sustain on a regular basis. But I have a slight problem with counting laps. I push a way from the wall and I think in my head one. I get to the next wall and I think two. A

What to do when… You’re not sure you can keep going

want to quit

My business started off so strong. But the last year or so it’s been really rough. The clients are there, but they’re so much more demanding. I’ve lost a couple of key team members, and I just don’t know how many more weekends I can work. My family is angry (and they should be) and

Stop business owner burnout with better systems

business owner burnout

“I used to like my business, now I can’t stand it. It’s just  not the same anymore.” I have a unique business.  I run around in my pajamas and have fun for a living.  I am a martial arts instructor.  However, I know several “successful” school owners who no longer like their business.  I have

Every time you feel down about your business, remind yourself of these 6 things

the cost of success

The cost of success: Is it worth the price of admission? When we work on something truly great (you are working on something great aren’t you?), we will face adversity. There will be times when the whole world seems hell bent on putting brick walls in your path. But there’s only one way to respond

Quitting is for quitters: How to keep going when everything tells you to stop


In the beginning…. When I first started consulting, I closed my first 2 new business appointments. After that, I failed to close the next 27 in a row. I went 5 months hearing nothing but “No.” I was discouraged and frustrated. So I called my dad for advice. After hearing my story he said, “Brad,

Being a business owner is not always fun and games. Suck it up!

running a business

As a business owner — entrepreneur, self-employed emperors-of-my-own-universe — I’m supposed to “follow my passion“. Figure out what floats my boat and focus on that. Make my dreams come true. Why is it that no one ever told me that “following my dreams” would mean when running a business I have to do a bunch

Crafting a Compelling Vision Tool

vision for your company

How to stay focused when things get tough When things get tough, you need to look back at the vision for your company. But why? Owning a business is more about just making money. You got into to your business, not just to make money, but to also make a difference. And when we face

A few small business tools to help you plan for the future

small business tools

As business leaders, we need to have vision and be looking out for the future and what may affect our business so we can prepare our business for it. So Jill and Brad talk about a few different small business tools they use to help them plan for the future. They are also super honored

Top 5 ways you can be a better leader

how to be a better leader

I don’t think any of us set out trying to be a bad leader, or ‘try’ to be a bad boss. To some of us, “leadership” doesn’t come as naturally. Or maybe it’s an area we want to get even better with. Jill and Brad talk about different ways you can be a better leader,

Cube vs. Corner: Millennial Leadership — what’s the deal?

millennial leadership

Cube vs. Corner is the place where Devan and Brad debate an issue from the boss’s perspective, and the employee’s perspective. This time we’re tackling Millennial leadership. Brad’s experience with Millennial employees and his client’s employees is that they don’t want to lead. Devan argues the opposite citing how several of her colleagues have left

How to minimize employee interruptions

Team Member Issue Form

How to get employees to solve their own problems (without interrupting you) You want your employees to be self-sufficient, but they still need you. So when an issue arises that needs your counsel, there is a way to handle it in a way that builds their confidence and resolves the situation quickly. The Team Member Issue

The 4 types of BAD leaders [Infographic]

Affective Business Leadership Styles

We’ve all had our fair share of bad managers. No matter how much we enjoy our work, a bad boss can make us truly miserable. You’ve heard the saying: “People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.” (Click to tweet) As leaders, managers, and/or business owners, we want to lead well. We want to be competent; and we