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5 things your small business can’t survive without

business can't run without

Food, water, shelter–we can all agree– are some of the things we can’t live without. If you have a car in the city, you might add gas to that list. Then there are some other things that we can live without and can’t really afford, but we buy them anyways. On the flip side, there

How leaders have the power to make their team feel like heroes

praise at work

Our manufacturing plant was putting a unit out the door every 6 seconds — and every one of them was defective. I was part of a design team that had updated the design of our product to comply with new Federal safety requirements, and while the product was perfectly safe, it just didn’t always work.

10 things holding you back from building a great team

Every business owner dreams of having a team of dedicated, driven and super smart people working for them. Often, they think if they just hire the right people, it’ll happen. Sure, hiring good people has a bit to do with it, but without a leader cultivating the employees into a team that produces great work

6 Communication failures bosses make

communication fails

Being the boss isn’t an easy job—it’s all about time management, understanding people, and leading the organization into the future. Bosses are our big-picture thinkers. Rather than being stuck in the daily details, they delegate and make sure important tasks are assigned and completed. But to execute that role, communication is essential. Unfortunately, many bosses

What to do when… your employees keep missing deadlines

missing deadlines

Missing deadlines is a common occurrence in the world of small business. No one is to blame (or everyone is to blame) and there are no real consequences — until the owner wakes up one morning and says, “Hey, weren’t we supposed to be finished with this project by now? What happened?” There are plenty

What percentage of your day do you spend responding versus initiating?

act like the boss

The phone is ringing as you walk in the door, you answer it. A client is calling with a question — someone else could answer it, but your already on the phone with her… You’re a little annoyed — you had wanted to work on your marketing plan this morning, but what can you do

Creativity follows commitment: The secret to getting work done


“Uuuuggggghhhh! It’s time to write another blog post. I don’t want to write a blog post! I have client work that needs to get done, I haven’t finished my taxes. I’m behind. Why did I decide to write this stupid blog anyway…” That’s what goes on in my head every time I try to write.

5 ways for business owners to build their confidence

ep 13 Square Podcast Art

It’s easy to make it look like you have it all together on the outside. But exerting all false confidence is exhausting! Jill and Brad talk about how to build your confidence as a business owner so you can lead your team and business better. They also bring on big guests Stacy Ratner and Chris

The art of finishing: Why 80% is worse than 0% done

the art of finishing

I’m a starter. I love to get things started. And I do, seriously, start lots of things; but, truth be told, I don’t always finish them. In fact, if you looked at my to-do list you’d find that the list of things I intend to finish is a lot longer than the list of things

Tired means sleep, not more coffee

coffee at work

I quit caffeine. I’m from the “Coffee Achiever” generation and the truth is, I love the stuff. There’s nothing like the aroma and rich flavor of a good cup of coffee. In fact I’m drinking one right now while I’m writing this — it’s warm, and relaxing! The other great thing about coffee is caffeine!

The curse of feedback for the experienced mind


“In the beginner’s mind there are many possibilities, but in the expert’s there are few.” ~ Zen Master Shunryo Suzuki When I first started my business, people would give me unsolicited advice all the time. I guess it was obvious to everyone that I didn’t know what I was doing, so I would get lots

24 business books business owners are reading in 2014

business books for business owners

A good book can change your perspective, polish your skills, or completely alter the way you approach life. If it’s really good, you’ll be better because of it. Reading helps us sharpen our minds and is a great way to keep learning and expanding our creative capabilities even after traditional education ends. For business owners,