Human Resources

Human resources can be a messy area of any small business -- managing, hiring and firing employees is no easy task! Gain from our expert knowledge, tips and advice on human resources for small business from our collection of blog posts, small business tools and more!

4 interview disasters you’ll never forget

the toupee interview disaster

When I'm successful in helping a business to grow, they ultimately need to hire more people. So I get involved in helping them to recruit, interview and hire. Our process is to help write a really excellent job posting that attracts top candidates, then we do a phone screen before we recommend a

Employee retention: Skipping the counter offer

employee retention strategy

Most of the time, when a resignation letter lands on your desk, it’s a surprise. You've worked hard to focus on employee retention and weren’t expecting one of your better employees  to quit (who you thought was happy and satisfied). Your mind starts to spin, and lots of questions start filling your

5 great ways to encourage your team

5 great ways to encourage your team

If things are going a little rough in your business, it's really important to keep moral up. Encouraging and motivating your team is especially important to keep productivity and energy levels up. Jill + Brad talk about the different ways they encourage and motivate their team when things are

Why we need to break rules at work sometimes

breaking rules at work

Our team at Anchor Advisors has gone through a bit of a rough patch lately. One of my employees has been dealing with some bigger health issues recently. She's missed a lot of work going to the doctors, but I haven't cut her pay or had her use her PTO hours. Instead, I prayed for her health and sent

Why small business dominates the employee engagement game

Zane Safrit

If March Madness was about creating jobs, instead of scoring hoops, then small business would be the little NAIA school with a few hundred students who sneaks into the tournament and, against all odds, defeats the big well-funded, well-advertised, Division 1 school with tens of thousands of

Top 5 interview questions you should be asking when hiring

top 5 interview questions

Small business owners and entrepreneurs don't have a whole lot of practice hiring and interviewing. Let's be honest -- many of us wing it, especially with our first couple of hires.  Jill and Brad discuss their best tactics for interviewing, and share their top interview questions that they ask

Getting feedback: What to do when… everyone is telling you what you want to hear

getting feedback

One of the dangers of being "the boss" is that people suck-up to you. Even if you don't have Eddie Haskell level suck-ups, your team is likely accommodating you in lots of ways. They know what upsets you (and they avoid it) and they know what you like (and they amplify it). It's natural, it's what

How to Keep the Good Ones

how to retain employees

Finding good employees can be a challenge. Not because there aren’t enough qualified candidates out there, there are plenty. However, “paper-qualification” doesn’t necessarily certify that they know how to apply their knowledge, or that they fit into your company. There are various methods to

7 things you really need to look for when hiring millennials

hiring millennials

Everyone has certain things they look for when hiring a new employee. But I would argue that there are different things to look for when hiring an older employee (Boomer) vs. hiring a younger worker (Millennial/Gen Y). So what to do you look for when hiring a younger

Top employee problems business owners deal with [SlideShare]

employee problems

You started your business solo. You were really good at what you did, and you started seeing more and more clients. Your client base outgrew your ability to serve them, so you hired freelancers to help with the workload. Then you hired your first full-time employee. Then your second. And your

8 tips for firing an employee without fireworks

Greg Fisher

One of the many challenges of running a successful small business is the occasional need to let somebody go. After all, regardless of how carefully you vet potential employees, over time, it is practically impossible to prevent, at the very least, one bad hire from being made. And when you find

Best personality tests and how to use them in your small business

personality profiles

Personality profiles, personality types, and personality tests are all instruments that can be used to predict how a person might act or what type of environment a person might be most suited to. This information can be very helpful in quickly getting to know someone so that you can facilitate team