A small business owner's letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I’ve been really good this year. I worked hard and played well with others. I delivered quality work to my clients. I paid my fair share to the government like a good business owner, and cut checks for my subcontractors within 30 days.

Since I’ve been so good, this is what I’m asking for:

  • A stress ball. The fiscal cliff, recession, healthcare reform – how much can a small-business owner take? When I want to freak out over what I read in the news, I want to be able to calm down and remember that this too shall pass. I want a top-of-the-line stress ball, not one you got for free at a trade show.
  • Bifocals. It’s easy to get lost in the day-to-day of my business. Bifocals will help me see further. Make sure they are nice designer ones. My favorite color is blue.
  • A funny movie. When I’m having a stressful day, Buddy the Elf or Dr. Richard Harpo Thorndyke could really help me out.
  • Turbo-charged coffee. I’ve got a lot of work to do, and sometimes I get tired. This new brand of coffee apparently has 200 percent more caffeine than other types of coffee. Can’t hurt to try?
  • A frame for my family photo. Owning my own business can be challenging, but there’s a reason I persevere – and it would be nice to have a picture of them staring at me all day.

You’re the best, Santa. And I promise I will leave you real cookies this year instead of the Snack Wells I left you last year.




Bridget Ingebrigtsen

Bridget Ingebrigtsen owns Write On Command, a company that provides writing and editing services to businesses and not-for-profits. Bridget describes her six-year stint as Anchor Advisors' writer/editor as being "mutually beneficial" -- she helps Anchor Advisors keep their written projects on track and Anchor Advisors helps her keep her business on track. When she's not running her business, Bridget is running after her four children, two dogs and the latest in entertainment news. Connect with Bridget on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn.

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