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My name is Brad Farris, and I am the Founder of EnMast.com. For the last 14+ years, I’ve worked face-to-face with small business owners helping them to grow their businesses. During that time, I discovered that while every business is unique, every business pretty much experiences the same types of issues — and those issues generally have the same solutions.

So, I started writing down all the things I kept saying over and over again, and I used that information to develop small business tools and templates, and document processes that my clients could use for reference when they needed it. My clients told me how much they appreciated those resources, and that breakthrough led us here. I created EnMast to be a small business community for small business owners to get the support and tools them need to grow their business.

Here’s a look inside what you get as a Pro Member in our small business community:


tools and templates_trans_smallTools & Templates

EnMast is a membership site that gives you access to the tools & templates to solve the biggest problems in your business just like if you were working with me face-to-face. It’s an all-access pass to the tools you need to grow your business. But it’s also so much more!


Because we aren’t working face-to-face you have access to all the other members. See it’s a community, not a relationship with a lone advisor. So if you have a question leave a comment and someone will answer it. If you have a problem and you don’t see a tool, we have an open forum topic where you can ask about that. Or you can go deeper through our monthly conference calls, hang-outs, Google+ Community or LinkedIn group, even the occasional tweet chat. There are lots of ways to get connected.

focus smallExpert Knowledge

At EnMast you’ll get more than just my knowledge, we have experts like John Jantsch & Andy Crestodina stopping by to pass along their expertise in the form of webinars and videos, or blog posts and eBooks.


paperrTeam Work

You know how it’s easier to try to lose weight when your friends are doing it too? Well, the EnMast community tackles some of your biggest business challenges in a community format too. Each month we’ll have a business challenge that’s common to a lot of business owners and we’ll tackle it together, sharing our challenges and victories with one another so you can make more progress growing your business.


Here’s what members are saying:

EnMast’s tools are invaluable in helping anyone — not just me — grow their business and their profits. Small business owners would be hard-pressed to find EnMast’s community, tips and tricks anything but helpful. Brad Farris is one of the brilliant minds in business today and I trust his guidance. You should too.

– Jill Salzman, Founder of Founding Moms

So come, join us! We need more good business leaders, like yourself, to make our community a success.
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