Sales not closing as many deals as it used to?

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When I got started in sales in the 80s, the best practice was to ”dial-for-dollars”.

Sales was about pushing through the sale — and was much more invasive than it is today.

Calling doesn’t work the way it used to. Everyone rolls their eyes when telemarketers call during dinner,  and let’s face it — most of us screen sales calls at work whether through caller ID or the secretary.

No one needs a phone call from a sales person anymore!

Guess what — sales and marketing processes have changed!

The sales processes we used 10 years ago are as outdated as floppy disks and bell bottoms. Nobody uses floppy disks, …and let’s not get started with bell bottoms.

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People don’t want to be sold too — rather, they want to make informed purchasing decisions on products and services on their own. They want to collect all the information first, build trust in a company or brand, then buy.


So where Sales used to be in control of the sales process Marketing has become instrumental in educating people about your company’s services and solutions. Now instead of bombarding your prospects with sales calls you can educate and engage your prospects — so that they will want a sales call!

Sales used to be about:

“I know all the information, just trust me that this is the product/service you need.”

Make it sound exciting, intriguing and sellable enough, and they’ll bite the hook.

But now people are like:

“I’ll find out for myself if you are the right product/service for me. Give me all the facts, data, information and education and I’ll determine for myself.”

If you can provide all that for them, you’re more likely to make the catch.


So what now?

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I wrote Marketing & Sales: A Love Story to help business leaders understand the shift marketing and sales has made over time, and how they can align their company’s processes to these changes.

Packed with best practices, tips, and tools, it’s perfect for any business owner trying to get a better handle on their sales and marketing efforts. And hey, it’s free!

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In this book, I demonstrate:

circle checkHow the relationship between sales & marketing has changed. I walk in detail of how these two have changed and evolved over time to help you understand the key differences.

circle checkMarketing’s new role. I break down standard marketing processes with best practice examples to help you generate new ideas for your company’s marketing strategy.

circle checkThe new sales strategy. I take apart the old sales models and show how it’s changed over time with best practices for improving your sales processes.

What you’ll get out of it:

arrowMarketing strategies and tactics that will make your ideal prospect want a sales call.  I show you how to use education and information to build trust, qualify prospects and get them to invite you to call and close the deal!

arrowBetter sales processes and practices. I lay out best practices and ideas to adjust your sales process to the realities of this buyer-driven world.

arrowHow to get your sales & marketing teams to work more cohesively. I show how marketing and sales need to buddy up and how you can get them both aligned on strategy to bring in more leads and close more sales.


Take it for a read!

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