Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients in 2015

Best Holiday Gift IdeasFor clients in 2015

If you’re still scrambling to pull together a holiday gift for your clients…it’s getting pretty late, don’t you think? Time’s ticking, so

How to talk so your boss will listen, and listen so your boss will talk.


The meeting’s over and you are gathering up your stuff. As you review the meeting there’s a pit in your stomach: did we accomplish anything

7 Business Goals for the Last 7 Weeks of 2015

Business goals (2)

There are only seven more weeks left in 2015. It’s always unbelievable how quickly time moves when you own a business, but the time for

4 Meetings You Can’t Miss (And One You Should Always Skip)

Real Value

When people hear the word ‘meeting,’ something strange happens. Their eyes roll, they sigh heavily, and a general expression of

Transparency: The Quality Everyone Needs More of on Social Media


In a way, social media is like a cocktail party. If you’ve ever been to a cocktail party (or any party, for that matter) you know those

5 Reasons to Hire Slow (Even When It’s Painful)


Lots of business owners struggle with the hiring process. And I don’t mean it creates some general unpleasantness within their

How to Write a Job Posting Like Seth Godin Does

Seth Godin

Not all job postings are created equal. Anyone can come up with a standard, boring job posting that lists the basics in plain language.

Qualifying sales leads over the phone: Here’s how to do it!

qualifying sales leads

One of the challenges with using social media and content marketing to generate leads is that the leads aren't always well qualified. Just

What to do when everyone else is on vacation

What to do when everyone else is on vacation

This time of year can be frustrating. You are trying to grow your business, you are trying to move projects forward, you are working hard at

Blocks and Glue: Is your business built on a firm foundation?

business foundation

An organization has numerous parts, or building blocks, that make up its whole. However, all of these separate functions and elements are