Templates for Small Businesses

Tap into a library full of downloadable tools, templates, worksheets and more. EnMast has a wide range of tools specifically geared towards small businesses.

Project Brief and Delegation Tool

Project Brief Template

How to Delegate Tasks More Effectively How often do you delegate a task to an employee, but they don’t complete it the way you wanted them to? Then get frustrated because they did it wrong and end up doing it yourself? (Sound familiar?) When we are defining a project that someone else is going to complete,

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Work Done

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Work Done

“Starters” are great at starting things — new projects, new ideas, new tasks. But they’re not the best at finishing things. “Finishers” on the other hand are great at finishing things — taking existing work and bringing it to completion. If they’re given a blank sheet of paper, it’s really hard for them to get

Employee Evaluation: Self Assessment Tool


When it comes time to do employee evaluations, it’s important that not only the supervisor evaluate employee performance, but that employees evaluate their own performance as well. Having the perspective of both people can bring about great revelations, which can lead to employee development, job satisfaction — and great things for your company. Give your

Ideal Client Discovery

Ideal Client Discovery

Do you have a favorite client? Do you have a not-so-favorite client? With the EnMast “Ideal Client Discovery” exercise, you can learn how to attract more ideal clients so that you don’t have to waste your time with those no-so-ideal clients. This exercise starts with some self-reflection and moves toward implementing an action plan that

Strategic Scheduling Tool


If you are trying to grow your business, it is vital that you be strategic about how you spend your time and money. The nature of many small businesses is such that the owner spends much of his/her time reacting to situations and resolving crises. When this is the case, the urgent becomes a thief

How to Set Up an Employee Bonus Program

Employee Bonus Program

Bonuses can be powerful tools to communicate to your team what is important to you, what the priorities are for the next period of time, and what will move the company toward its overall goals. Additionally, a bonus can act as a reward by providing recognition for effort “above and beyond” and it can be

Key Performance Indicator Template


If you don’t have a way to measure performance, then it is impossible to tell if you are making any progress against your business objectives. The Key Performance Indicator Template enables business owners to identify the various criteria (KPIs) for operational success, determine how frequently the KPIs will be measured and communicate the KPIs to

How to Write a Compelling Job Ad

how to write a job ad

One of the most important steps in making a successful hire is attracting a rich pool of qualified candidates. While it is true that you only need one good candidate -– the odds of finding that one candidate go up if you have a sizable candidate pool. The problem with most job postings is that,

Small Business KPI Reporting Tool

small business kpi reporting

As business owner, it’s hard to maintain our focus on the most important issues in our business. It’s hard to set priorities. We need sales to increase, but we’ve got delivery issues, too. What about that low-performing team member, when to you get to them? Though in the midst of all the craziness, we need

Marketing Tactics Analysis Tool: Find out Your Marketing ROI

Marketing Tactics

Marketing strategies and marketing tactics often get confused. Here is the distinction: Strategy is an idea or concept, and a tactic is an action that is used to execute the strategy. So when you’re creating a marketing plan, you should logically go from setting Goals to determining Strategy, then determining your Tactics. Since a company

Networking Evaluation Tool

Networking Evaluation Tool

Networking is a great way to promote your business. But you want to make sure that you are networking at the right places so that you can meet the best people (a.k.a. your ideal clients). Otherwise, all you’re doing is socializing, which can be fun but certainly not productive. This tool will help you determine

Job Growth Worksheet

Job Skills worksheet

You have expectations of the people who work for you — and they have expectations of you too. They want to grow professionally and thrive at your business. But how do you make sure that happens when you have don’t have hundreds of positions in your company like a big company does? With the Job