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Marketing and Sales: A Love Story eBook

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Are your sales processes just not working like they used to? How about marketing? Not bringing in as many leads? Brad Farris wrote Marketing and Sales: A Love Story for business owners just like you! The tagline “How business’ most unlikely couple eventually hooked up” speaks to how marketing and sales’ roles have changed vastly

From Puppy Profits to Big Dog Earnings


From Puppy Profits to Big-Dog Earnings will show you how you can make MORE money with FEWER clients … and feel MORE rewarded as a business owner. Learn how much the charge for your services, and how to raise your prices with out losing clients.         Not a Member? Buy Just the Pricing

Ask Your Budget: Amazing Questions a Small-Business Budget Can Answer

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There is no more important tool for running your business than a budget. This 45 page ebook, and the accompanying Excel template and video series take the tedium out of budgeting and give you a tool you can use with confidence.

Business Owner’s Champion: 6 Practices to Build Your Nerve — and Your Business

Business Owners Champion

Although you started your own business expecting both freedom and challenges, you’ve begun to realize that you’re working much more and making much less than you should be. You’re even wondering if you’ve made the right decision to venture out on your own.   The Business Owner’s Champion: 6 Practices to Build your Nerve –