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Movers & Head Shakers: A Study on Business Owners of Growing & Struggling Companies

Movers and Head Shakers

What is the difference between a Mover (owner of a growing business) and a Head Shaker (owner of a stagnant business)? We set out to find the answer.

Business Owner is a Title, Not a Job Description

Business Owner Job Description

While many business owners consider well-defined job descriptions crucial to their business, how many have actually taken the time to create a job description for themselves? Not many. But, a business owner needs a job description just as much as the rest of the team. In fact, a business owner may need a job description

Creating An Action-Oriented Budget

action oriented budget

When I was a corporate drone, I hated budgeting. It seemed like a charade, a game where we all had to guess what answers the big boss wanted. We inevitably failed, and the big boss would send back a budget that had nothing to do with what we had just spent hours slaving over and,