5 things your small business can’t survive without

business can't run without

Food, water, shelter–we can all agree– are some of the things we can’t live without. If you have a car in the city, you might add gas to that list. Then there are some other things that we can live without and can’t really afford, but we buy them anyways. On the flip side, there

How to turn leads into paying clients

turn leads into clients

Looking for some proven ways to help you turn that leads list into paying clients? Jill and Brad talk about the most effective ways they’ve found to get leads and prospects on their client list. They also talk about how to handle the pile of business cards you get from networking events and meetings and

9 must-have team communication tools for your small business

team communication tools

If you care about how your company communicates, you’re probably in constant search for the perfect app for your team. There are lots of good apps out there, and each of them has its benefits and drawbacks. Chances are your team needs a combination of tools, depending on the communication problem you’re trying to solve. So how do you

Meet an EnMast Member: Candace Chira of The VA Bug

EnMast Member

This month the spotlight is on Candace A. Chira, Owner of The VA Bug, a full-service virtual assistant firm specializing in marketing and social media. She’s a TON of fun to talk to and incredible sweet! And if you’re looking for a VA, she’s your gal! We were glad for the chance to talk with

If you’re a business owner, you work for a crazy person

crazy business owner

I’ve often said that when you work for yourself you have a crazy person for a boss. But I’ve come to realize that I’ve actually got several bosses, and they’re all, to some extent, crazy. Let me introduce you my office full of nut job bosses. Each and every one of them lives in my

How to communicate with your boss (and get what you want)

how to communicate with your boss

So, let’s say you’ve been working for a company for a while, and you really want to find a way to accomplish some new tasks or take on new roles with your position. You’re ambitious, hungry, and ready for a challenge. But that means figuring out how to convince your boss that A) You’re ready

Email sucks! 5 email alternatives you should check out

email alternatives

We all have a love / hate relationship with email. For some of us, it’s more hate than love. Jill and Brad talk about different email alternatives that they’ve tried to help keep your inbox from being a daily overwhelming process with different tools, apps and processes. Take a listen to the latest podcast, and

Cube vs. Corner: Is it appropriate to wear headphones at work?

wear headphones in the office

Cube vs. Corner is the place were we tackle and issue from two sides: the boss’s perspective, and the employee’s perspective. This time we’re tackling wearing headphones at work. There’s been some controversy whether or not it’s appropriate to wear them in the office, major critics site that employees isolate themselves from company culture and miss

How leaders have the power to make their team feel like heroes

praise at work

Our manufacturing plant was putting a unit out the door every 6 seconds — and every one of them was defective. I was part of a design team that had updated the design of our product to comply with new Federal safety requirements, and while the product was perfectly safe, it just didn’t always work.

Hi, my name is Brad, and I’m an interrupter.


Let’s pretend you and I were having a conversation. You had a point to make, I’m confident you did. But I couldn’t wait to hear it. I interrupted. I was feeling anxious I’d lose the thought in my head (and we know what’s in my head is worth hearing), and so instead of making time

10 things holding you back from building a great team

Every business owner dreams of having a team of dedicated, driven and super smart people working for them. Often, they think if they just hire the right people, it’ll happen. Sure, hiring good people has a bit to do with it, but without a leader cultivating the employees into a team that produces great work

5 great ways to encourage your team

5 great ways to encourage your team

If things are going a little rough in your business, it’s really important to keep moral up. Encouraging and motivating your team is especially important to keep productivity and energy levels up. Jill + Brad talk about the different ways they encourage and motivate their team when things are tough, or to bring in energy