Small Business Coaching

In addition to the content provide through the membership website, EnMast also offers Business Coaching in two different formats.

One-on-One Business Coaching

Some business owners benefit the most from one-to-one time with an experienced business coach. All coaches are trained in and utilize the EnMast tools and resources to help you grow your business; but their experience and personal attention can help you to overcome roadblocks and see new opportunties.

Learn more about One-to-One Coaching.

Peer Advisory Groups

While some prefer individual attention, others thrive in a group. With Peer Advisory Groups, up to 10 business owners meet with a facilitator once a month for 4 hours. The peer advisory program uses the Business Owner’s Champion materials as a basis for stepping through the changes needed to grow a business.

EnMast facilitators run face-to-face groups in the Chicago area, as well as virtual groups that meet via webcam for participants worldwide.

Learn more about Peer Advisory Groups.