Thinking about quitting? You need to do these 5 things NOW


Every business goes through big highs and lows throughout their journey. And there are a LOT of times when we feel like quitting. Jill + Brad talk about how to make it through those rough times (they've been there, too). They also talk with AWESOME guest Alexandra Eidenberg, the founder of The

Meet an EnMast Member: Marie-Josée Porlier, Co-founder of Kohezion

EnMast Members

Marie-Josée Porlier is Sales Director at Kohezion –  an online tool you can use to design and build your own database applications without programming, focused for small businesses. After working for years as a Registered Nurse, Marie-Josée was feeling little tied down and looking for the kind of

The greatest lessons I learned from my mentors

top mentor lessons

Everyone needs a mentor, especially business owners! And often times, we need several. They help shape us into the people that we are. They help us through challenges, give us resources when we need them, and come alongside us when we need it most. Jill and Brad talk about their top mentor

Improve your meetings with these top 5 meeting methods

improve your meetings

Everyone hates sitting in meetings that go on and on, or are completely irrelevant to you. So Brad and Jill tackle top meeting methods that will help improve your meetings so you can waste less time in meetings, and get more of your own work done. They also bring on business owners Tamara

Small business owner’s favorite reads this month | June 2014

overcoming price objections

This month was ALL about pricing. How to raise your prices, how to do price increase notices, how much you should be charging, and the list goes on. We had an EXCELLENT webinar we put out for free on How to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Clients, and gave away our Puppy Profits to Big Dog

Top 5 productivity killers | with guests Jay Goltz and Howard Tullman

Breaking Down Your Business

We were LIVE on Saturday at TechWeek Chicago! (Special thanks to our Sponsor, Rivet Radio!) We recorded the podcast in front of a live audience and had a blast! Live music and running man from SNL anytime music was playing. It was epic. Jill and Brad talked about their top 5 productivity killers

How to be more productive working solo

be more productive

A lot of us business owners work alone -- we work for ourselves, our team is remote, or we just work a lot alone on the weekends or after hours. Whatever your case is, Jill and Brad have some sweet tips to help you be more productive when you work alone. They also chat with small business owners,

How to get people to open your emails

increase email open rates

First off, Jill and Brad are taking Breaking Down Your Business LIVE at TechWeek Chicago next week, June 28th at 12pm. WE WANT TO SEE YOU THERE! It's going to be epic with business celebrity guests, Jay Goltz (serial entrepreneur and NY Times writer) and Howard Tullman (another serial entrepreneur

Cube vs Corner: Social media policies for employees — what’s cool, and what’s not

social media policies for employees

Social media has made some work boundaries a little blurry. We've talked about whether or not it's okay to friend your employees on Facebook in the past, and this time we're talking about social media policies.  When it comes to social media, employees want to know how do you keep your personal

A few small business tools to help you plan for the future

small business tools

As business leaders, we need to have vision and be looking out for the future and what may affect our business so we can prepare our business for it. So Jill and Brad talk about a few different small business tools they use to help them plan for the future. They are also super honored to have on

Health tips for the busy business owner

health tips for business owners

Running a business means we often run ourselves down. We work a lot, and we don't take enough time off, or take enough breaks from work because there's always so much we need to get done. But our health is one of the most important things we need to manage besides our business and employees. Jill

Top small business owner articles | May 2014

managing millennials and millennial values

In May, our focus was productivity. We challenged the business owners' attachment to meetings, and gave away a fabulous tool to help employees really own their projects--and bring fewer interruptions to the boss.  We also enjoyed talking to Jeff Fliegler of The Point Solutions, a new kid on the