Top 5 ways you can be a better leader

how to be a better leader

I don’t think any of us set out trying to be a bad leader, or ‘try’ to be a bad boss. To some of us, “leadership” doesn’t come as naturally. Or maybe it’s an area we want to get even better with. Jill and Brad talk about different ways you can be a better leader,

Millennial values: A business owner’s guide to managing Millennials

millennial values

You’ve read the studies about Gen Yers having different values than Gen X or Boomers. You’ve heard all about work/life balance and why us youngin’s really value it. But when it comes to the practical ways we want work/life balance or why it’s one of the core Millennial values, there’s not a whole lot of

Numbers every business owner needs to know about their business

business numbers

There’s a million numbers we can look at that tell us about how our business is performing. Income, account receivables, expenses, customer acquisition, and the list goes on. But which ones really matter? Jill and Brad share the top 5 numbers that really matter that you need to watch in order to grow your business.

Why I refuse to check my email after work hours

checking email after work

In college, I wanted a Blackberry. I wanted one badly. (Sad, I know.) Unfortunately, I had this EnV phone that was ‘cool’ for others my age (lame), but when I would text on it, it looked like I was playing a video game with the way it flipped up. I needed to look more ‘professional’

Cube vs. Corner: Millennial Leadership — what’s the deal?

millennial leadership

Cube vs. Corner is the place where Devan and Brad debate an issue from the boss’s perspective, and the employee’s perspective. This time we’re tackling Millennial leadership. Brad’s experience with Millennial employees and his client’s employees is that they don’t want to lead. Devan argues the opposite citing how several of her colleagues have left

Top 5 ways to make a great impression in the business world

how to make a great impression

This week on Breaking Down Your Business, Jill + Brad talk about how to make a great impression in business. From knowing when it’s time to calm down to becoming more memorable to sticking to your personal style to speaking up, there are so many ways to make a better impression in business. They also break

The 4 types of BAD leaders [Infographic]

Affective Business Leadership Styles

We’ve all had our fair share of bad managers. No matter how much we enjoy our work, a bad boss can make us truly miserable. You’ve heard the saying: “People don’t quit jobs, they quit bosses.” (Click to tweet) As leaders, managers, and/or business owners, we want to lead well. We want to be competent; and we

Small business owner’s favorite articles this month | April 2014

top small business podcast

Woo-HOO! It has been an exciting April! Besides the thrill of growing membership, Brad made it ICON14 this week! And our post about headphones at work stirred up some controversy on LinkedIn. (And you know how we looove to stir things up! ;)) But the icing on the cake is that our Breaking Down Your Business podcast with Jill

How business owners can achieve their dreams

dreams into realities

We all have dreams, especially when it comes to our business. We have visions and goals of what we want our business to be ideally, or eventually grow into being. And often times those dreams can seem so far away or we have a voice inside our head telling us we can’t do it. Jill

Does listening to music at work improve productivity? Here’s 8 compelling reasons why it does

music improves productivity

Brad and I wrote a little while back about wearing headphones at the office.  He noticed I was wearing them more often and we had some issues when he would try to get my attention. So we shared about it on LinkedIn, and it generated a storm of comments from people with polar opposite views — either they

5 things your small business can’t survive without

business can't run without

Food, water, shelter–we can all agree– are some of the things we can’t live without. If you have a car in the city, you might add gas to that list. Then there are some other things that we can live without and can’t really afford, but we buy them anyways. On the flip side, there

How to turn leads into paying clients

turn leads into clients

Looking for some proven ways to help you turn that leads list into paying clients? Jill and Brad talk about the most effective ways they’ve found to get leads and prospects on their client list. They also talk about how to handle the pile of business cards you get from networking events and meetings and