Why business owners need to turn off their tech

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Most of us business owners are work-a-holics. We work all the time. And technology has enabled us to do so even more than before. We now can check email at the pool with our family, do work on the plane via wifi, etc. Being totally unplugged from work seems impossible. Jill and Brad talk about

5 ways for business owners to build their confidence

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It’s easy to make it look like you have it all together on the outside. But exerting all false confidence is exhausting! Jill and Brad talk about how to build your confidence as a business owner so you can lead your team and business better. They also bring on big guests Stacy Ratner and Chris

Top 5 small business articles in February | 2014

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Spring is just around the corner! If you’ve had weather that’s anything like what we’ve had in Chicago this year (the coldest winter in 143 years!), I bet you too, can’t wait for it! This month we focused on feedback. We talk alot about how to ask for and use feedback to impact how we run

24 business books business owners are reading in 2014

business books for business owners

A good book can change your perspective, polish your skills, or completely alter the way you approach life. If it’s really good, you’ll be better because of it. Reading helps us sharpen our minds and is a great way to keep learning and expanding our creative capabilities even after traditional education ends. For business owners,

Top 5 interview questions you should be asking when hiring

top 5 interview questions

Small business owners and entrepreneurs don’t have a whole lot of practice hiring and interviewing. Let’s be honest — many of us wing it, especially with our first couple of hires.  Jill and Brad discuss their best tactics for interviewing, and share their top interview questions that they ask when hiring a new employee. It’s

Close that deal! Sales tips for business owners

sales tips for business owners

When you ask a business owner what keeps them up at night about their business, it’s almost always “sales.” Our business depends on sales! If we don’t have enough in our sales pipeline, it can be super scary and stressful. Brad and Jill share their top 5 sales tips for business owners on the latest

5 business podcasts you need to check out

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Besides hosting their own business podcast, Jill and Brad have a few other podcasts that they listen to on a regular basis and love. In episode 8 of Breaking Down Your Business, they share their top 5 business podcasts and what you’ll get out of ‘em. They also bring on guests Marty Vernon of EDUCO (and one

Top 5 small business articles in January | 2014

the cost of stress on business

Hope your 2014 is off to a great start with new goals, new plans, projects and resolutions. (Bonus points if you have already made progress on those!) We’ve also had a busy start to our year. Our new podcast, Breaking Down Your Business, made it onto the New & Notable list at iTunes! We’ve launched our

5 Best practices for scheduling your work day

how to schedule your work day

One of the great things about being a business owner is you’re able to schedule your own hours, do what you want to and work on what you want to. You’ve got a full open day to work. But how do you decide how to fill it? How do you schedule your entrepreneurial day? Brad

The staggering cost of stress on your business [Infographic]

The Cost of Stress on Business large

Everyone knows that stress is not good for you. But what if I told you it’s not good for your business, too? When we’re stressed out, our body sends out stress hormones through our body, one of them being cortisol. Those hormones affect our brain function, and more specifically our memory. And when there’s too much

Top 5 business owner productivity suckers

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There are some days when we scratch our head and wonder where the heck the day went. We didn’t get anything crossed off our to-do list but yet we’ve been busy all day and have a million tabs open on our browser. What happened? Brad and Jill talk about what their biggest time-suckers are in

Top 10 music picks to play at work (and boost productivity)

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If you work out, you probably have a workout playlist — a bunch of songs that get you pumped up so you can power through. At work, we’ve got playlists like that, too. Brad and Jill talk about their favorite music picks to listen to at work when they have a ton of work to