10 top productivity tips from business owners

If you got our newsletter this week, you’ll notice we’re focusing on… well, “focus”. We think that real focus is the answer to increased productivity – not multi-tasking.

As business owners, our attention is pulled a million different directions — from clients to employees, and email notifications to boot — it’s hard to feel like we’re all in “one-place”; it’s hard to feel like we are ever getting anything DONE.

productivity tips

We asked all of you business owners what you do to say focused and productive, because we know it really can be difficult.

And you answered! Here are some great productivity tips business owners shared about how they get work done:

andy crestodina1. Andy Crestodina of Orbit Media Studios:

“Here’s the trick: remove everything but that one thing you’re working on. Take away anything that might get in your way. Start with the biggie: social media.

I put all of my social media accounts into tabs in one browser, and I only look at that browser at certain times of day. When I’m doing social media, I’m focussed. When I’m not, it doesn’t distract me.

That browser is also where I put articles that look interesting, but I don’t have time to read at the time. Reading and social media time go together for me, since I often want to share things I’m reading with other people.

My times for reading/sharing/social media are early morning (7am to 8am), midday (lunch) and late afternoon (5pm – 6pm). That’s how I stay focussed!” — (@crestodina)


Lynn Bardowski

2. Lynn Bardowski owner of Million Dollar Party Girl:

“That’s a good one. Ask yourself, Is what I’m doing building my biz? If it’s not, dump it or delegate it. — (@LynnBardowski)


Ebong Eka

3. Ebong Eka, CPA & business writer:

“I listen/watch to YouTube videos from @Ericthomasbtc & @GrantCardone to inspire me so I stay focused!” — (@ebongeka)


david a brock

4. David A Brock of Partners in Excellence:

“Know what’s important vs urgent. Focus on what’s important. 2. Don’t let technology distract you. — (@davidabrock)


mana ionescu

5. Mana Ionescu, owner of Lightspan Digital:

“Concentrate App. Also I put a closed sign on the back of my office chair. — (@manamica)


susan solovic 2

6. Susan Solovic, Co-founder of SBTV.com and NYT Best selling author:

“I shut down email, phone & social media. I block off time on my calendar & I’m disciplined about avoiding interruptions. — (@SusanSolovic)


dan forbes

7. Dan Forbes, Founder of Lead With Giants:

“I close my office door announcing I’ll be unavailable for a certain period of time. Eliminates interruptions. — (@DanVForbes)


Joe Connolly

8. Joe Connolly, CBS Radio & WSJ:

“For focus go deeper into material. get up.walk for 3-4 mins every 90 mins. to write better, write & then say it better aloud.” —  (@JoeConnollyWSJ)


Gini Pro Photo

9. Gini Dietrich, President of Arment Dietrich & SpinSucks:

“I always turn off my email. Literally take all accounts offline and get down to it. Sometimes even put my headphones on. — (@ginidietrich)


paul herman

10. Paul Herman, Founder of Herman & Company:

“Shut door to office to avoid outside distractions, check email only twice a day and put soft background music on!” — (@HermanCPA)

Your turn! What are some of your best productivity tips? What do you do to help you stay focused?

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Devan Perine

Devan Perine works with small business owners on their marketing and multimedia efforts. She's passionate about helping businesses build their presence online, and giving Gen Y a voice in the workplace. When she's not working, she loves to make a mess in the kitchen, and play with her band around Chicago. She loves to chat! Give her a shout on Google+, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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    He’s a cheater — he sent an email!

  • http://spinsucks.com Gini Dietrich

    Note to self: Next time cheat.

  • http://www.enmast.com/ Brad Farris


    I know you are a very ethical person, but I’ve not known you to be a big “rule follower” so I’m thinking this isn’t the first time this idea has occurred to you!

  • http://www.socialsinergy.com/ Adam Dukes

    These are all great ideas to stay focused and be more productive. i used to use a Google Chrome extension that would block me form the social sites and forums. It worked wonderfully, but for some reason I disabled the extension. :/

  • http://www.enmast.com/ Devan Perine

    Ha! :-P Too funny Adam. What’s the extension called?

    Speaking of Chrome extensions, if you want to be “focused and productive” when on social media like Facebook and not get distracted by all the ads, I highly recommend “AdBlock”. I have no idea idea what I’d do with out it. Probably die.

  • http://www.enmast.com/ Devan Perine

    Gini, are you still sore about the fact that Sean McGuinness was before you on the recap list post from Content Jam?

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    Devan, I shared my tater tots with you. TATER TOTS. The least you can do is make me look better than these boys.

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  • http://www.socialsinergy.com/ Adam Dukes

    You’re the second person today to tell me about AdBlock. I really need to download it.

    The extension I used was SiteBlock, and yes, I downloaded it again :)

  • http://www.enmast.com/ Devan Perine

    Haha I’ll definitely check out Siteblock, Adam! And Adblock is the bomb!

    Both end in “block” — it’s crazy how we moved into a world of notifications and “multi-tasking” and now there’s a big surge of “blocking” tools to combat it. (just a random thought)

    Thanks again for stopping by, Adam! Hope to see you back soon. :)