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Hi! I'm Brad Farris, Founder of EnMast. EnMast is a small business community of business owners committed to being better leaders and growing better businesses.
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EnMast is a Small Business Owner Community.


You know how Norm felt when he walked into the bar on Cheers? Or how the characters on Friends felt at Central Perk? Well, that's what EnMast is for business owners -- a place where you can find a community and the tools & help you need to grow your business. But these people won't just cry in your coffee with you. No, they'll help you get more from your business, find success and have fun. Curious?


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Team needs to hear

What Your Team Needs to Hear RIGHT NOW

Your team looks to you as the leader—and they need to know that as the leader, you have a plan. You’re the captain that’s steering this ship, after all, and they want to feel like you really have a handle on where things are headed. No one likes to feel like they’re stranded in the


Haste makes waste

“Take time for all things…” ~ Ben Franklin The wisdom of our forbearers has given us so many warnings about the dangers of hurry, rush, and busyness. Most of these have been repeated to me over and over again since my youth, and yet, here I am hurrying to finish a blog post I should

Trust Equation

The Job of a Leader

I was very fortunate to work for an excellent leader and mentor named Bob Baker. Bob knew what it took to be a good leader; he demonstrated it in his actions and taught it to those around him. He had a simple definition of the job of a leader. A leader’s job is to find


Frosty The Snowman Goes Into Business For Himself

Frosty, for so long known as “the Snowman,” always had secret aspirations of becoming an entrepreneur, of shaking off the shackles of the drag work expectations that hung over him his whole life and starting something afresh. “There must be more to my life,” he wondered, “than just… snow.” Over time his dreams to create and

Ask for a raise

What do I do when my employees ask for a raise?

There’s no conversation that business owners want to avoid more than when an employee asks for more money. It’s awkward. Either you haven’t done a good job keeping up with your performance reviews (and so they deserve a raise and you are late giving it to them); or they don’t really deserve a raise and