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Hi! I'm Brad Farris, Founder of EnMast. EnMast is a small business community of business owners committed to being better leaders and growing better businesses.
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EnMast is a Small Business Owner Community.


You know how Norm felt when he walked into the bar on Cheers? Or how the characters on Friends felt at Central Perk? Well, that's what EnMast is for business owners -- a place where you can find a community and the tools & help you need to grow your business. But these people won't just cry in your coffee with you. No, they'll help you get more from your business, find success and have fun. Curious?


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Best Holiday Gift IdeasFor clients in 2015

Best Holiday Gift Ideas for Clients in 2015

If you’re still scrambling to pull together a holiday gift for your clients…it’s getting pretty late, don’t you think? Time’s ticking, so you need to act NOW. We’ve given you lots of ideas for holiday gifts in the past—even some great last-minute options—but this year, there are some really outstanding gifts you could give that


How to talk so your boss will listen, and listen so your boss will talk.

The meeting’s over and you are gathering up your stuff. As you review the meeting there’s a pit in your stomach: did we accomplish anything here? You came in to get clarity on your project’s priorities and you left more confused than ever. On top of everything, you sensed from his body language that your

Business goals (2)

7 Business Goals for the Last 7 Weeks of 2015

There are only seven more weeks left in 2015. It’s always unbelievable how quickly time moves when you own a business, but the time for end-of-year business goals in the final stretch is upon us again. So, rather than exhausting yourself in a sprint toward January 1, you might want to think about pacing yourself

Real Value

4 Meetings You Can’t Miss (And One You Should Always Skip)

When people hear the word ‘meeting,’ something strange happens. Their eyes roll, they sigh heavily, and a general expression of unpleasantness falls over their faces. That’s because more often than not, meetings suck up a lot of time while providing little value. The feeling is nation-wide: People are now selling ribbons that say, “I survived


Transparency: The Quality Everyone Needs More of on Social Media

In a way, social media is like a cocktail party. If you’ve ever been to a cocktail party (or any party, for that matter) you know those times when you’ve run into people who can’t stop talking about themselves. You’re staring down at your glass while he goes on and on, “And then we landed